Where are we?

Want to meet us? Want to see our cars passing by? We would love to see you along the route, and we try to stop and talk to as many as possible!

Below is a list of the cities we will be staying in. Some for just a night, others for more. Between them, we try to follow the Old Lincoln Highway where that still exists. In Eastern US, that often translates into route 30 with detours. In the west, we’ll go on interstate 50 and route 80, with detours when possible. Hope to see you down the road :)

If you want to contact us – we are reading our mail when we have internet access – lh2013@zaq.no

We also have a US cell phone number: (201) 682 1714, always on, not always with the best coverage:) Will respond to sms’es and answer phone if I’m not busy driving :)

Jul 1: Secaucus NJ/New York
Jul 2-4: Gaithersburg, MD
Jul 4-5: Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 5-6: Canton, OH
Jul 6-8: Fort Wayne, IN
Jul 8-10: Chicago/Alsip, IL
Jul 10-11: Cedar Rapids, IA
Jul 11-12: Ames, IA
Jul 12-13: Columbus, NE
Jul 13-14: North Platte, NE
Jul 14-19: Cheyenne, NE, Denver, CO
Jul 19-20: Evanston, WY
Jul 20-21: Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 21-22: West Wendover, NV
Jul 22-23: Ely, NV
Jul 23-24: Reno, NV
Jul 24-25: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Jul 25-26: Sacramento, CA
Jul 26-29: Oakland/San Francisco, CA

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