Took the car in to Washington DC today to try to sneak a picture in front of the White House. Turned out that was easier said than done – half the city was closed due to preparations for Independence days. Absolutely no stopping with the Obamacastle in sight, and police everywhere. But we were determined to make it, and I dropped the camera operator off up in 15th street as he could easily walk faster than traffic, and we went for it. Got some video footage as I went west on Constitution Ave, then I almost got lost and managed to throw the car into 17th street to seek refuge behind a cotton candy wagon. After getting some air, it was time for another go. The camera operator called in to say he had found a spot and luckily I found the correct right-right-left-right-left combination for a left turn from 17th to Constitution. Pulled the car in in front of a lorry getting me some space, and the camera man started filming. Kept an eye on the police 40 ft away, and when they started moving, so did I. The Camera Man caught up with me around the corner, and while it may not be a Pulitzer candidate, the pic shows both the car and the President’s palace. We’re happy with that:)