Hot weather, last car out from hotel car park. Went south to Lincoln Hwy and after a few minor struggles, we managed to locate the old route through all those small towns. Had a stop at Downington Diner (Home of The Blob)

Decided to leave LH early and go down to the hotel on 15. It had started drizzeling, but it was still very warm, so we reckoned we could keep the rain out of the car by keeping the speed up. With only 15 miles to go, it started raining heavier. And then, just like in the movies, a police car entered the scene. He came up two cars behind us, moved to the fast lane and went past us. We were doing a steady 60 mph and the limit were 65, and just after he had passed us, the stop lights came on. He wedged himself in between us and the car behind, and gave us sirenes and flashing lights. We did of course as you are supposed to – stopped on the shoulder and waited to hear what he wanted. This fine young officer felt he had the obligation to keep us standing in the rain with our roof open for ten minutes while he called dispatch to determine whether we were allowed to drive on Maryland’s Higways with our Norwegian plates. After we got that sorted, he wished us a good trip. :)