Day -4 – Finally arrived in New York

So tired now, this has been a long day after a couple of short nights.

Came home from working in another part of the country late Tuesday evening. Had to do all the organizing and packing on Wednesday. Finished 3AM and got up at 7 AM to go to Gardermoen airport.

After working our way through the crowd there (fast track is only fast if the people there learn how to pack their bags…), we entered the plane. A pleasant surprise: upgraded to seats 1G and 1H, which means business class treatment. Nice three course lunch and plenty of snacks all the way. Three seats to the left was the Crown Princess of Norway.

Entering USA went without problems, but getting the six suitcases and three adults into the Hertz car was a tight fit. MAnaged to find the hotel even without a GPS, although we got caught in the Toll booth at interstate 95. She refused to accept my $50 bill, so we got instructions for mailing a check instead. Next problem: Getting hold of a check book ;)

The hotel parking lot is huge and fits our needs perfectly. The hotel must have been quite luxurious, nowadays it is mostly old and worn.

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