Lincoln Highway 2013

This summer holiday will be the big one! Starting July 1st we will be embarking from Times Square, New York, on a mission to drive as much of the original  Lincoln Highway route as possible. The project of connecting the east and west coast started in 1913 and was named after the famous president. One hundred years and four weeks later, we are planning to arrive safely in San Francisco.

We hope to collect lots of memories on this blog. Hopefully we will be able to show a day-to-day track of the route driven on the main page. It seems fairly stable. We are using Ultra GPS Logger for Android and has it set to place a marker every time we are not moving for 5 minutes. That way we can go back and pinpoint where we had a stopover. Only thing to remember is to keep the phone somewhere with sufficient GPS coverage. Oh, and it does auto-upload to the internet as well, so cached data is available every night.

Go to the Lincoln Highway blog for photos and resumé of each day (updated on fast and stable wifi only), 2CV-frue for highlights (mostly in Norwegian) from Madam 2CV’s perspective, and for those quick snaps frequently uploaded from said Madam’s phone.